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Egg Packers

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STAALKAT Farmpackers

The STAALKAT Farmpackers is dynamic, robust design, with the smallest footprint, made to pack eggs in the most natural way.
Cause of the outstanding performance, proven robustness, low energy consumption and easy maintenance, the STAALKAT Farmpackers are your best choice day and you will find in all corners of the world.
STAALKAT Farmpacker are easy to use, so you can focus on getting your eggs packed and spend less time figuring out how to maintain, determine replacement parts and worrying about up time. If you’ve never owned a STAALKAT Farmpacker, chances are you will know it inside and out in no time.
The STAALKAT Farmpackers are designed keeping your farm environment in mind. Simple, robust, reliable and flexible. Maximum up-time –100% correct packing – easy to maintain.

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STAALKAT Farmpacker 40 STAALKAT Farmpacker 70 STAALKAT Farmpacker 100 STAALKAT Farmpacker 200
Hatchery Machines

The process that the hatchery packer product range supports is the collection and packing of fertilised eggs. These eggs need to be packed in the gentlest of ways on setter trays.
Most important is the correct position of the egg in the setter tray. The so-called point down position, thus making sure that the air chamber is at the top of the egg. This serves to increase the Hatchability rate of your final product, leaving you without any loss of energy, human labour and investment.
Our machines take the utmost care of the fertilised eggs not to inflict any damage. The use of mechanisation also minimises the interaction and the potential thread of outside contamination by humans being in contact with each individual egg.

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STAALKAT Hatchery packer STAALKAT Farmgrader 80 STAALKAT Farmpacker 24000

Food safety, hygienic design and user-friendly machines are an absolute must in today’s egg grading market, and we want to set the standard.
With a capacity ranging from 70 to 600 cases per hour, we cover everything from small and agile units to the largest grading capacity in the world.
The modular and flexible grader design allows you to configure the lanes to match the logistic flow. The configuration can include egg washers and egg dryers, and it can be equipped with UV disinfection, different types of cleaning systems and, of course, dirt, leak and crack detection.
Our graders have the world’s highest number of standard parts and the lowest number of wear parts compared to anyone, and the open design allows daily cleaning with water, as even the weighing scales and the crack detector are water-resistant. The mile-long feature list also includes self-calibrating scales, the most sophisticated and yet user-friendly software, overhead monitors and, of course, the smallest possible footprints.