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Chain Feeding

Chain feeding systems for breeders on floor and cages.

Uniform feeding at High speed of 120 feet / minutes (36 Mts. / minutes)

Sp. Male exclusion feeding Grills for restricted female birds on floors.

Feed level adjustments for chicks and layers birds.

The world’s best proven system & cost effective used for best feed ratios at low stress.

Available with single, double or triple feed circuit with feed cleaner arrangements.

Supplied with auto control panels.

Broiler breeder Pan feeding system dealers in India

Pan Feeding


The drive motor is connected to the feed sensor, which gives back signal to start and stop the motor automatically, it meets the feeding requirement during every stage of growing period.

All the feed pan are filled simultaneously with the same amount of feed at the same time, it eliminates hungry hyperirritability,ensures uniform growth and enhances egg production.

Main Features

4 Feed pan per 3 meter, that is 750 mm interval between 2 feed pans.

Feeder capacity : 12.5 birds per pan.

16 grill, width adjustable from 70mm, 80mm, 90mm (3 levels). When grill width is 52mm and feed hole height is 90mm, the pullet can go in and come out freely.

Feed pan capacity : 7 levels, 200 – 630g feed per pan, it meets breeder feeding requirement at different stage of growth.

It has a slide shutter, which shuts the feed pan freely.

Pan bottom dish could be disassembled easily for washing, there is no need to disassemble the pan completely. It is easy to clean and reassemble

California Cage

QS Cages with Center Cool system are designed with 4” air gap between the tiers which allows fresh air to circulate evenly and continuously in the center of the shed and the birds in the middle row get proper ventilation. It is available in 2 tier cage with manure scraper or belt.
California CageCompartment Size (Inch).
LengthDepthHeightBird / Box
Quality system India
Broiler breeder Pan feeding system dealers in India

Available in 2, 3 & 4 tier with feed trolley, egg collection, manure removal system, silo and man – pad system. It increases density by at least two times compared to conventional cages.

It is equipped with inspection trolley for easy accessibility.

Can supply BioGas plant to produce electricity from the manure.

Battery CageCompartment Size (Inch).
LengthDepthHeightBird / Box
Broiler breeder Pan feeding system dealers in India
Broiler breeder Pan feeding system dealers in India